Life, Universe, Faith & Religion


by Abolfazl Irannejad

History of religious ideas and as a result of that, religious rituals and customs and eventually, religions, comes from the principle of lack of knowledge of man and his curiosity and willingness to know more and describe what he observes in a logical sense and finally a clue of what will happen next! In fact, the whole story is that being in present time, given some initial conditions from the past which eventually lead to unknown past; we want to find out the future and the end! The big issue here is that we do not know exactly our initial conditions, we do not know exactly from where we came from! For human mind, as a processing system, this is a not a closed problem to be solved! For a system provided that initial conditions are given, we may get to the solution! We do not know from where we came from, so necessarily we will not know to where we are going! Even if our initial conditions were known perfectly, our mind, as our solver is so limited and our future is so coupled with the entire universe that we could not actually solve the problem to get the future as our solution!

All of a sudden we opened our eyes to a wonderful world without knowing if we did exist before that or not! Why we think about this is an outcome of the principle of intellectuality! In general and especially for living creatures, there is an intellect! Or better to say, partial intellect! Why this is more important for us? Probably since we are more complete (yet not perfectly complete) intellects! One of the arguments about god is the principle of intellectuality! We are partial intellects of a system!  We exists, we feel our selves and and we create a reality for ourselves, this can be similar to the entire world that we observe! The entire existence of the universe is due to an intellect! To us, the perfect intellect which we may call it, God! We may use the cause and effect principle, but at the end, this principle cannot end up to a restrict reasoning of a primary cause, which we may call it God! Since at the end, we would get to cyclic causes and effects and the final conclusion that whether, there must be a primary reason for which there is no reason and the overall system is deterministic or what we saw as a cause and effect process is a probabilistic process! The reasoning of existence and intellectuality  principle  mentioned above sounds "reasonable" to me! But for sure you may find an argument against that! In fact the whole story is the incompleteness of our input data and our logical reasoning! People may give ideas which may sound reasonable for some people, meanwhile others cannot agree with that! This is these ideas or speculations that we call faith! In fact, to be a theist or atheist! For both of them, you need faith! The system is incomplete and by no means you can get a perfect solution without any faith! To the end, there must be a personal bias due to some reasons, probably tractable in your life, that you may hold one of these opinions!

it is noteworthy to mention here that looking overally to this process of faith, I , personally, conclude that there are more reasons to believe in '''god" other than not believing in him! In fact, you need less faith to believe in God other than not believing in him!

up to this point, it should be pointed out that believing in God for the time being does not lead to any other beliefs and only this is an explanation of the whole world and also this is a personal explanation! Your explanation might be different than mine, as we are living in our own created world. Which of these explanations are correct? It does not really matter! As it is personal! Believe in whatever it works for you, to whatever it makes you happy! We are not perfect intellects to understand even our own lives! I may say that we are designed like this!

Another important point here is that: does this god that was explained above have anything to do with our so called religions? The true answer is yes and no! Yes, because the core of any religion is its beliefs and beliefs come from reasoning and faith and No, since gods of religions are described in an old fashion, belonging to the time that those religions were born! As a matter of fact, we can say that our god has been evolved as we have been evolved! 

The history of man can be explained, primarily with two principles: evolution and incompleteness!

Why we have got to the conclusion that we refuse past speculations about the universe? Our knowledge has been improved; we know more, especially our surrounding, although our knowledge on a larger scale is still as limited as the time of religions! We are limited and by no means we can know the whole world! So still we need some faith! And by no means the question of god can be answered! And it will not get an answer in the upcoming future! the progress in science and our knowledge has given us the tool to have a clue about our abilities and now we are in the point that we should admit our limitedness scientifically! As a principle! principle of the impossibility for us to understand and resolve a system completely!

Primitive people began to speculate that there must be some reasons behind what they saw as the universe and its processes! This is exactly due to the logical sense of human mind, according to which for any effect, there is a cause! all in all since early history of man up to know, these logical reasoning has been the primary tool of man in his life and this has been the way we observe and describe our world and according to us, as we advanced through history with the development of science and increasing knowledge we have found evidence in our surroundings that our logical thinking corresponds to the actual world we live in! In other words, the virtual universe that we construct in our minds according to our logical thinking corresponds to the reality of the world we sense! Then out of this observation we got to the conclusion of the impossibility of a perfect description! And at last to the point that even we question this process: what we think of our world is our world! In this sense, for anyone, there is a unique world! i.e. we create the reality according to input to our minds and according to the logical process that happens in our minds! What is the overall reality? It is an outcome of the interactions of all of our realities!

is there a unique law by which this process occurs at least for us, for our minds? Different people with the same input data can get to different conclusion? Or provided that we know all the input data, such as education, childhood conditions, all of the events happened to someone, we can describe the process, with our logical processing! The answer is unknown and it goes back again to the primary question: deterministic world, God, design and the uniformity of human mind or probabilistic world, no God, no design, no strict law, no uniformity!

What we have as a system, whether a small system around us, even ourselves or a bigger one, like the entire universe, is it deterministic? is there a cause and effect logics behind it or better to say, can it be described by a logical reasoning? What we observe as random processes, are they really random? or simply we cannot understand it exactly that we call it random! in fact we have seen deterministic systems that can be described overally by stochastic processes! Can we conclude that there is no real random thing? Or on the contrary what we see as a deterministic system, is a special case of a random process!

my personal conclusion is that, in a yet probabilistic sense and provided that there are more reasons for us and less faith to think about a deterministic system (in analogy to a direct computation versus modeling; more computations, less modeling, more accuracy!), I believe in God! his design, his universe, the vision that he has given to all of the creatures and especially us, as the most evolved creatures we know around us, uniformity of our minds and although with different initial conditions for each of us, the possibility for us to evolve with equal opportunity, one by one and all together!

In my view, the world and especially our human world is evolving toward a better world! I may say God created the world and it is evolving as a law put by god in it! Our world is much better than the ancient world! Human values have been strengthened and morality as a tool for harmony of living together has been raised! new horizons have been opened to people and by definition, life is experience and trial and error! We try something and as a result we decide! for example, in some points probably man has harmed his environment, but soon afterwards, he realized that life is a common thing, and you should live with harmony of living with others! Man polluted his environment, but now he is making steps to compensate those harmful actions! All in all man is learning, as the whole life is to learn from experiences, that we should live in harmony not only with other people, but also with other creatures! There is enough room for everybody and everything and man is learning to include the entire world in him and reduce his selfishness, understanding the fact that you cannot really be happy when there is an unhappy face beside you! Relative to the population of the world, there has been less war compared to the ancient world and even man has made rules for wars to create less loss! This will lead to a no war world! All of these things look promising! Human life is evolving for the good!

we do not know our world, we do not know the future, we do not know what will happen to us as we die, but we have a path ahead of us, this is the only thing we can do: live our lives and learn and include as many creatures as possible as part of ourselves to extinguish the selfishness and create a common self with other people and with the rest of our universe! There is no way for old religions to survive in this condition! And I can see an upcoming future that religions will go away as "religions" and all of them will be seen as the heritage of our past! To the single religion of the world which we may call it humanity or better to say universality!


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